Just as a movie is projected upon a screen to be viewed; life is imagined within consciousness to be experienced.

Whether a movie is good or bad, active or inactive, the screen remains the same. It never moves, is never modified. 

No change ever takes place in the screen regardless of whatever does or does not occur in any movie.

Even so, whether your life is active or inactive, consciousness remains the same. It never moves, is never modified.

No change ever takes place in consciousness regardless of whatever does or does not occur in any life.

Existence imagines a body and mind for play because it is the nature of consciousness to imagine experiences. 

Flowers exude fragrance, crystals reflect light, and consciousness imagines experiences (each according to their nature).

In the absence of space in consciousness there can never be any real movement (nor measurement of time).

In the absence of material in consciousness, there is no modification (transformation of one substance into another).

Hence the world can only be an appearance imagined within consciousness (since it is immaterial and non-spatial).

So regardless of whatever ‘role’ you play in life; the sum total of any life makes no difference within consciousness. 

And yet out of non-recognition of the truth, one can easily believe that one’s life actually serves some purpose. 

Out of ignorance one can come to believe that one must forbear some important role for some greater good (purpose)! 

But from the absolute viewpoint, how can that ever be true? 

When nothing can be added (nor subtracted) from consciousness, how can any imagined life serve any purpose?

When the sole existence consciousness remains unaffected by its dreams, where is the possibility of purpose?

To assume so is a complete contradiction in light of the absolute truth.

Hence, purpose is an illusion that prevents true play in that which is imagined for play (the world appearance).

Only one who truly knows that life is imagined play, truly plays.

The rest, unaware of the truth roll between imagined pleasure and pain.

One can never really play in life imagined for play, until one truly realizes it is imagined play.

Nor can one be free until one is free of the ‘burden of purpose’ (a consequential life).

Until one realizes nothing makes any difference within consciousness which alone exists, it is difficult to live the truth that:

You are always free to live freely (play any role of your choosing playfully)

Hence, when ignorance of the truth evaporates, one naturally questions the value of playing an unfulfilling role? 

What purpose can it serve when the sole reality consciousness remains unaffected by anything imagined within it? 

When the Self is unaffected by a fulfilling or unfulfilling role, where is the value of embracing an unfulfilling role?

What purpose can it possibly serve?

Thus, the knower of truth contemplates “Is my role fulfilling me?” And if not, is aware of the freedom to change it.

So in absolute truth, life can never be about fulfilling a role, but rather about whether your role is fulfilling you.

Hence ultimately the only remaining sensible question is:

“Is my role fulfilling me?”



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