In considering my experience of awareness of life as the same as my experience of my awareness within a dream, which is only the shape my awareness is taking that I’m experiencing and not an awareness of an external, independently existing reality, I begin to move toward an attitude of acceptance. Not an acceptance associated with giving up or throwing in the towel but rather of seeing anew. If all experience is the shape my awareness is taking then everything is a magical creation of my awareness seen as the experience of Dylon. If it is all as ethereal as the content of a sleeping dream then my perspective changes from thinking that I must work to alter my physical surroundings to conform to my ideal to one of standing in awe of all that is as a phenomenal creation of My mind. Somehow every bit of this experience I’m having is a creation just like I comprehend a sleeping dream and nothing is here by accident. It’s all here by invitation. Nothing is wrong. Nothing is right. Everything just is but it’s all here by My “hand.” As I write this my perspective is shifting from one of judgment to one of appreciation for every detail of this creation. It isn’t that I need to change this experience to some other experience that’s better but rather that all experience is as equally magical as any other experience. Suffering occurs when I think my experience is deficient compared with any other experience. No real satisfaction from the achievement of any other experience ever happens because there is no real difference between any two experiences. Appreciation isn’t experienced only when something I desire is experienced but rather is present always and once understood life does not need to become something other than what it already is. The perfection of this imagined creation all around me is as perfect as any other imagined creation. I knew this when I arrived. It took the entirety of my life to learn something was missing and for me to feel incomplete in its absence. I’m here to remind you, to help you remember, that there isn’t anything missing and there isn’t anything outside of you that will make you whole. You are already that which you seek, you’re just pretending to have forgotten.


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