Turning Point

It occurs to me that I’m still here in this reality wanting an experience of this reality as something other than what it is so that I’ll feel better. I think if it goes a certain way I’ll feel better. Scheinfeld gave a great example that he teaches because he enjoys the act itself and that’s the ride he came to ride. He has no concern for the outcome of his endeavors but rather savors the experience regardless of its content. This is how I perceive the game played or experienced at its best. In hindsight I’m not sure I believe he actually had the experience he claimed to have. That’s my experience though and I can’t possibly know what he experienced. Even more, he appears in My dream as My creation by My invitation. He is whatever he appears to be by My “hand.”

This is the turning point. This is the point upon which all else hinges. You out there acting and being independently of me over here acting and being is the polar opposite to me here and you there as a single, unbroken creation of Me. This creation of Me is a scene in the Mind of Me unfolding like a scene upon a screen. It’s just one “thing,” the scene upon the screen, which appears to be many independent things but is only ever the screen. Like the characters on the screen I am not causing or responsible for anything. Cause and effect appears to exist but it’s an illusion. An illusion I cannot circumvent but its meaning is changed, utterly. In that change I do not evade nor escape the illusion but the perceived need to escape vanishes. The desire for the appearance of magic morphs into an awareness that magic is all there ever is. A longing for something different within the appearance recedes as the appearance is apperceived to be one phenomenal magical rollercoaster ride. My hands come off the “wheel” as I comprehend that it’s all a ride of imagination going wherever it goes, every part as fantastic as every other. None of it is what it once appeared to be. One part won’t make me whole and another part won’t diminish my being. All perceptions of need vanish. Play for the sake of play emerges. Freedom becomes my all.


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