The question of free will arises. Do I have free will? I certainly have the appearance of free will. Yet I’ve encountered so many sound arguments of why free will is an illusion and must be. Does it matter? The ride is the ride it appears to be. It is all an appearance and I’m none the wiser. Does it matter? I’m enjoying the unfolding. Do I care if I was lead here or found it of my own free will? Would the enjoyment I feel be any different? If this is all a dream isn’t every bit of this contemplation within the dream? Aren’t all the factors I would consider and even the consideration itself an aspect of the dream? Nothing falls outside of the dream. Everything I’m experiencing that feels like some kind of guidance or inspiration from some unseen, unknown force is an aspect of this dream. My awareness of this as a dream is the dream. I can’t ever get outside of this dream if such a place exists. As long as this dream persists this dream is all. And if this is all a dream isn’t it fantastic? If whatever I am beyond this dream is somehow dreaming all of this right now isn’t this incredible? If I’m awake within the dream to witness the immense, intricate detail of my creating isn’t this phenomenal? When one considers the miraculous is there one moment of this experience that could be labeled anything less? Doesn’t that leave me in a state of awe at all that is? The miracle isn’t some magic waiting to appear it is this entire experience of me.


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